Sparx Rally's

We can organise a classic or sportscar rally for your company. We have years of experience with organizing rallies and finding the most beautiful roads to drive on with your clients. This can be done with classic cars, modern sportscars or even Tesla Roadsters.  

On top of that we organise multiple stand alone rallies, where you can participate with your classiccar or sportscar. One of the great examples is our charity rally; the Tour de Mestreech. But there is more.  

Rally Calender

6 March 2021

InterClassics Sportscar Winter Rally Maastricht

9-10 April 2021

Sportscar Spring Rally Maastricht

8 May 2021

Rallye de Gravenrode Park Gravenrode

27-30 May 2021

Tour de Champagne Reims

3-4 September 2021

Tour de Mestreech Maastricht