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Xavier Maassen is a talented racedriver from Maastricht, the Netherlands. This fast, ambitious driver made his dream a reality; being a professional racedriver competing and winning the biggest races and championships in the world of GT racing. 

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Activate Your Brand

Discover the thrills and excitement inside the racing team. We offer you the opportunity to link and activate your brand in motorsport, to a professional driver and to the world of sportscars. Our team creates an environment which adds value to your image and to all your PR. Internal or external communication, and incentives become alive.  

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Why sports marketing?

Is high-octane racing fuel rushing through your veins at great speed? Does your brain switch to overdrive when the conversation turns to legendary racetracks, iconic sports car brands and exciting duels between the world's most talented drivers? And do you want to share and experience the passion for motorsport with your business relations and profile your company in the breathtaking ambiance of professional motorsport at the same time? Then open up your business’ DRS, put the pedal to the metal and 'spark up your brand'!

Connect your company to the exciting world of speed, sportsmanship and competition; the sparks that will arise are guaranteed to fire up your brand. Join, connect your brand to a winning race driver in a phenomenal car and a winning team is born! It will boost your business opportunities and will supply your brand with an overboost on positive energy.

Your company name is prominently displayed on the most successful sports car of all time, the Porsche 911. The wheel of this icon in motorsports is in the very capable hands of Xavier Maassen, a race driver who has earned his mark in (inter)national motorsport and still continues to do so. Champagne corks are sure to pop when you join this team!

Invite relations and employees to famous race tracks and give them a racing experience that they will not forget. Enjoy the titillating world of motorsport together, watch the race live from the best spots around the track, experience the unique atmosphere in the pits and meet the drivers. Strengthen your and your partners network, motivate your staff to always strive for the podium and bring out the best in each other and in your company.

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Advantages of Sports Marketing

Brand Activation is all about bringing the spirit of brands to life. Linking your brand to motorsport will increase the brand awareness of your company and support your image.
Experience motorsport up-close as a VIP. From start to finish we guide you in the world of motorsport. You will be welcomed as a true VIP on the track and get acquainted with motorsport up-close.
Great events, great locations. We build a successful business platform with enthusiastic companies in our Sparx Business Club.
It is essential to activate your partnership. Involve your employees with a motivation program. Let the partnership live vividly inside your company, which will lead to greater results.
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Xavier started a new concept around motorsport sponsorship with his Make A Wish platform. With 10+ companies supporting the platform, Make A Wish is a major sponsor on the car that generates big visibility. On top Make A Wish has access to a large well-capitalized network in motorsport.

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"Do you also want to give your relations a special memory? Whenever they come into contact with motorsport, Xavier or the Porsche brand, they think back to this and thus to you and your company? Then I can heartily recommend you to take a behavior in the world of Sparx. A world full of speed, testosterone and entertainment. We have been a partner for 3 years now and have been able to pass on these experiences to various relations. They are still talking about it…"

- Paul Cremers, Creative Director Appart

"The Porsche Driving Experience is always top-notch! The trip, hotels, food, but especially the experience itself are excellently organized. The day on the track is time and again a special experience under the guidance of expert instructors. We always look forward to the next one..."

- Patrick van Erp, Managing Partner Ponthus