24 Hours Zolder
26. 08. 23
Zolder (B)
Zolder (B)
Circuit length
4,011 km
Built in

In the 1960s the design of a circuit was started. It was officially opened on June 19, 1963. In 1973 the Belgian Grand Prix was even held at Zolder. This was because protests at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit caused a boycott of that circuit. The Belgian Grand Prix was held here until 1984. The original track was 4.2km and the current one is 4,011km. In the meantime, unlike many other circuits, only a few minor adjustments have been made. In addition to car races, several cycling races are also organized. Including the World Championship on the road and the World Championship cyclo-cross. In 2019, the DTM returned to Zolder after 17 years of absence.