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Coaching by Xavier Maassen

Next to following my dream as a racing driver, I coach and train on an off the racetrack. On the racetrack, I share as a Driver Coach my 20 years of experience to make (rookie) drivers better, faster and more complete.


From the office, I coach individuals and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and goals, from my vision to live life with passion, to get the best out of life. As a Professional Consciousness Coach, I coach people who feel a strong desire to make a change or create the new. More energy, balance, happiness and success in your personal life and in your business. 

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Op woensdag 17 juni was het tweede event van Sparx Business Club. Midden in de corona crisis werd een online kennissessie gehouden met enkele inspirerende sprekers en waardevolle...

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The Driver Coaching was enormously informative and instructive. I was made aware of a whole new way of driving. You learn lap by lap more and you notice that you start using the track much better.

- Roy Zelissen, Owner RZ Bandenservice

Benefits of coaching

Benefits of coaching
  • creating focus and clarity
  • development awareness
  • increasing performance and goal-setting
  • creating balance in life, professional and private
  • creating the life you love to live
  • letting go of fears and inhibitions
  • overcoming obstacles, barriers and boundaries
  • increasing self-confidence
  • more energy, strength, inspiration and motivation
  • dealing with emotions
  • reducing stress
  • stop doing what does not work and start doing what works
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The sessions are one-on-one and with a commitment to achieve the result 100%. In the first session I will explain how everything works and together we will start to formulate your goals and/or create a coaching-cycle. The length of a particular coaching cycle depends on the needs and goals that you set. You can always choose to continue or quit per month. Sessions can take place face-to-face or via Skype in either English or Dutch. Coaching sessions via Skype are as powerful and effective as a face-to-face coaching session. Depending on the needs and wants we select the right package. Want to know more? Contact me.

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Levels of consciousness

‘You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it, only the awakened can testify that he has been sleeping’

The first level of consciousness is recognizing the existing conditioning which includes all qualities, talents and the resulting limitations. Thinking, speaking and doing will become more aligned in to one movement. The second level of consciousness includes the connection of the internal and personal belief at creating the external reality. The client will resonate with the desired future vision.

The third level of consciousness will be around unification of the desired reality and surrender to his or her maximum potential. Playing small is not an option. There is no resistance, all actions will give energy, the future is bright and the outer reality is a reflection of the known inner reality.

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Why who what

Why do you do what you do? We all have an answer to what we do en how we do it. But the real answer of why you do what you do sets you free. Have a look at the video to see what I mean.

Why coaching

Why coaching?

Coaching helps you to remove any barrier that stands between you and achieving your goals and dreams. The achievement of your inner and outer desires will be accelerated by using Consciousness Coaching. Coaching is the most successful method known today to get what you want out of life, no matter how big and outrageous your dreams or goals may be. We bridge the gap between your goals and the realization, and support you in making significant personal and professional transformations.

The difference to ‘regular’ coaching and Consciousness Coaching is that we create new levels of awareness. Since only that, what one is conscious of, you can change. This way of coaching is not just based on change, it is based on personal and professional transformation. The basic component of the transformation lies in the growth of ones consciousness.

Why I do what I do

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