ADAC GT Masters
26. 06. 22
Zandvoort (NL)
Zandvoort (NL)
Circuit length
4,259 km
Built in
The Netherlands

In 1930 there were already plans for a circuit in Zandvoort. At first, it was still driven on a street circuit. During the Second World War, plans were developed for a real circuit. The first car race took place in 1948. The name of this race was the Zandvoort Grand Prix. From 1952 to the mid-1980s, the Dutch Grand Prix, as the name was then, was part of the F1 Grand Prix. The last winner of the F1 races at Zandvoort was Niki Lauda. After 36 years, the race will return, with one year delay, in the year 2021.